e-point book                     



is similar to a Point Book placed on a Police beat. In the point book ordinarily the Police man on patrol duty makes an entry about his beat service and thus a supervisor can know whether the beat is being serviced properly or not. Similarly on the e-point book, (the point book on the internet or the info-highway) you can make entries to let the supervisors know if the construction work is being attended to properly or not. Please feel free to express your thoughts to us by selecting the hyper link- e-point book. All you have to do is to choose first the project about which you like to make your observations and let the supervisors know about the quality of construction and other related matters. To give your feedbacks simply click on the link Next after selection of the project name. Your message and suggestion reaches all the persons concerned with the project at the same time and appropriate action is assured. In case you need a feed back on the action taken on your suggestion do say so and we will be able to communicate our actions for your review. In that case you will have to forward your mailing address or the email ID or telephone no.

To make your job easier we have tried to group the subject on which you may like to give your feed backs. So feel free to express your thoughts on the subject of your choice. It is your point book to express your thoughts to us. We will be taking your valuable thoughts and suggestions into consideration while planning future projects too. Your thoughts will be of great help to us to improve our service.

If you want to give information in confidence, it is suggested that you go to the link In confidence on the Home page. In that event the message will be seen only by the MD.

To save time please be as precise as possible while giving your suggestions.

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