Government has taken many measures to implement e-Governance in the State  government / undertakings to impart,
(a)  Good Governance, 
(b)  Transparency, 
(c)   Right to Information, 
(d)  Control over Cost and Time, 
(e)  Guaranteed quality,  and 
(f)   Enhanced productivity.

KSPH&IDCL has taken some steps to introduce the same in all its activities:

  1. Computerizations of the whole working system of KSPH&IDCL - 106 + PC’s are provided up to sub division levels.
  2. Biometric attendance system - uses finger prints. The system is used to improve punctuality of Staff, easy maintenance / retrieval of Leave records.

  3. The offices situated at KSPH&IDCL Headquarters is connected by LAN and division offices by WAN (dedicated leased line of 64 kbps) located at Mysore, Davangere, Shimoga, Belgaum and Gulbarga.
  4. KSPH&IDCL has co-located its servers at (i) BSNL to host the web site (ii) Head Office, KSPH&IDCL to host WBPMS, E-Commerce, Tally and other applications.
  5. The sub divisions are connected with broadband connection for speedy and better communication.
  6. Website is also useful in providing information to Corporation, Police department, stake holders, public, vendors & contactors.
  7. Web based project management system is being implemented by using MS project 2007 -
    • For monitoring of the construction projects on regular basis.
    • At any given point of time the status of the project can be known precisely.
    • To monitor mile stone, progress with respect to the programme of work and slippages etc.,
    • Assessment of physical progress by photos / videos up loaded often during the process of construction.
    • Can be used to monitor other projects also other than construction projects.
    • Effective project management over coming time & distance constraints.
  8. Preparation of estimates and drawings using standard formats & AutoCAD respectively, which ensures accuracy and saving in Time.
  9. Structural Design using STADD V8I / NISA (CIVIL) software.
  10. Tally is being used for accounting through out the Corporation -
    • It helps in day to day tracking of accounts
    • Break-up of expenditure at various levels can be had at any point of time
    • Details of bank transactions at all levels can be tracked
  11. e-Tendering process is being conducted through e-proc portal of GOK. Website: http://eproc.karnataka.gov.in, which enhances transparency, speeds up tendering process, finalization of contract and saving of project duration.