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1.             Letter to all the Bidders regarding E-tendering / online reverse auction process


2.             Contact Information


3.             Process Instructions


4.             Closed online Bid / Reverse auction Rules


5.             E-tendering / Reverse auction process compliance statement







































1. Letter to all the bidders regarding e-tendering/online reverse auction process



Dear Sirs,


In association with M/s Wipro, Karnataka State Police Housing Corporation Limited wishes to conduct an online tendering / reverse auction bid event for the works of KRRDA under PMGSY through the web site http://www.01markets.com/ksphc.


KSPHC in association with M/s Wipro, has designed the necessary documents which would be made available to you. M/s Wipro, will also provide your representatives the entire key inputs and necessary training, so that you can successfully participate in this E-tendering process / reverse auction event to reap the benefit of etendering.


The contractors intending to bid must possess Digital Certificate for participating in the bid events. The contractor can apply for procuring Digital Certificate through KSPHC.


The e-tendering process / reverse auction event as envisaged consists of the following steps which are indicated below.


e-tendering / Electronic Tendering / Web Tendering / Online Tendering is the simulation of the manual tendering process on the internet. i.e., the eligible bidders/ contractors can log on to the internet site specified using unique user name & password and place their Commercial bids. The eligible bidders will be trained by M/s Wipro personnel on the methodology of submitting the bids online. The bids placed by the contractors are confidential and will be opened by the authorised official using a special electronic key/ password, only after the date and time specified in NIT and not earlier than that.  No other person can gain access to the information regarding the bids, which is confidential in nature.


Closed online bid: The bidders are requested to upload their individual item rates based on the rates arrived at by them for individual item online during the date and time stipulated in the NIT.


Prior to opening of closed online bids on the scheduled date and time, reverse auction will be conducted on the date and time specified in NIT. Those of the eligible Contractors authorised by KRRDA, after opening of Technical Bid (first cover), will be allowed to participate in the reverse auction using their ID and password to place their best bids during the auction duration.


‘Online Reverse auction’ is a process in which the authorised Contractors can place their best bids (total amount) online within a limited time frame. In addition to already uploaded closed bids in electronic form, the online reverse auction will be conducted among pre-qualified bidders authorised by KRRDA. Such of the bidders are at liberty to participate in “online reverse auction”. During reverse auction process the bidders can react on the spot to the market trends and can offer their competitive bids. The bidders logged in will know the prevailing lowest bid at any given point of time but not the identity of the other bidders. The reverse auction process will start from a floor price fixed. During the reverse auction process the bidders can quote only lower offers than the floor price and they cannot quote above the floor price. The minimum bid decrement will again be pre-fixed. Any number of bids can be placed by the bidder during the time specified in multiple of decrement in the reverse auction process.


The bidders can place their bids from any place and what they need is a Computer with good internet connectivity. After the completion of reverse auction process the lowest offer will be firmed up.


The final lowest bid will be determined from among the closed Online bids and the lowest offer of the online reverse auction.


The bid would be submitted online by you while operating from your work desk in addition to the traditional paper means. All you need is a PC with a browser interface and an Internet connection.

Instead of a one time best price bid, you will now be able to interact and react on the spot to the changing competitive bids, thereby taking advantage of the intrinsic transparency in the whole process.

 As you can see, there are two very conspicuous gains in adopting this process as a transacting tool.

1.      Considerable reduction in demands on your time, which otherwise would have been spent on many price negotiations. This also will lead to quicker work order finalisation at our end.

2.      Complete Transparency in the involved numbers amongst the operating community, leading to sound decisions. 


We look forward to your enthusiastic response to this business opportunity and your active participation in the online tendering and reverse auction event.  We believe this process is futuristic and now a days, the future seems to be approaching all of us within days!



Hoping to see you soon on the Internet screen as well,


Yours sincerely,



Executive Engineer (Quality Control and Contracts)  

KSPHC, Bangalore

(No signature required, as the documents is computer generated)




















2.   Contact Information


Tender Queries

Executive Engineer(QC),

Karnataka Police Housing Corporation (KSPHC)

No 59, Richmond Road


Mr. R.S.N. Murthy

PhoneNos:080-2584102/ Extn:317)

Fax No: 25584402

E-mail: eeqc@ksphc.org

Mobile: 9448353483


Assistant Executive Engineer(QC),

Karnataka Police Housing Corporation (KSPHC)

No 59, Richmond Road


Mr. Nisar Ahmed

Phone Nos: 080-5584102/Extn:329)

Fax No: 25584402

Mobile: 9448067015




M/s  Wipro


M/s. Wipro Limited.,

#30, Mission Road, 1st Main,

S.R.Nagar, Bangalore 560 027

Fax: 91-80-22242415

Tel no: 91-80 -22241730 / 51144480



Mr Bikrant Banerjee,

Associate Consultant, Wipro Infotech

Ph: +91-080-22241730/31 Ext: 513
Mobile: +919845246107



Mr Sudeep P.V,

Wipro Infotech

Mobile: +919880867631







3. Process Instructions :


3. A. e-Tendering Process:

The bidders / contractors shall be trained by M/s Wipro personnel on the procedure for placing their techno-commercial bids online.

After attending the training the bidders are advised to place their bids online within the time frame specified in the tender document.


3.  B.  Closed online bids:

Only e-tendering will be conducted by KSPHC for obtaining the lowest price bids. The traditional method of obtaining the Technical bid and schedule –B through hard copies will be conducted by KRRDA in their respective offices. The bidders are required to sign a declaration regarding compliance to the terms and conditions. The bidders are required to upload their bids, as briefed by M/s Wipro, online within the date and time stipulated in the NIT.  

Prior to opening of closed online bids, reverse auction will be conducted on the date and time specified in NIT.



3. C. Reverse Auction Process (Online bid event):


Eligible bidders/ contractors shall be trained by M/s Wipro personnel on the procedure for participating in the online tendering i.e. for participation in closed bid and also in the reverse auction.


The time and date for placing closed online bids along with the time and date of online reverse auction is indicated in the Notice Inviting Tender. Starting bid and Minimum Decrement for the reverse auction process will be intimated at the time fixed for reverse auction process. 

Definition for terms:

Sl No




Closed Online bid

It is the item wise rates calculated based on the rates arrived by the bidders from the individual items indicated in Schedule-B and to be uploaded to the specified web site.


Starting Bid

Starting bid is the upper / ceiling price of the contract value fixed by KSPHC for the work. Contractors can bid only lower than the Starting bid.

Starting bids for the works can be seen in  www.01markets.com


Minimum Decrement

Bid Decrement is the fixed amount by which, or by multiples of which, the next bid value can be decreased.














4. Closed online bid / Reverse Auction Rules


Sl. No

Closed online bid /  Reverse auction rules


Bidders must register in www.01markets.com internet site as per the training given by         M/s Wipro.

Bidders are advised to make a note of their User name and Password after the registration. The username and password are case sensitive. Bidders are requested to change the pass word and also not to reveal the same to anyone else.  


Closed online bid: The bidders shall send their declaration regarding compliance to the terms and conditions online before submitting the closed online bid. In the closed online bid   the bidders are required to upload their total amount for the package based on the details furnished in schedule-B.


Standard English Reverse Auction will be conducted.

Explanation: Each bidder will be given a user name and system generated password which will be sent through e-mail only to the bidders by M/s Wipro Limited.  Bidder must type his user name and password in the space specified in the Home Page

Each bidder can see his bid amount in the computer screen. But can see only the bid amount of other suppliers and not their name / identity.


Server Time in M/s Wipro web site will be the basis of Start time & Closing time for bidding.


Bidders may use the “Auto Bid Upto” feature in the M/s Wipro web site from the start time of bidding for each work.


Reverse auction process will be conducted for a period of 45 minutes. If a bid is placed in the last 5 minutes of the prescribed time (i.e after the 40th  minute upto 45th  minute.) Then only first extension of 5 minutes will take place. The period of reverse auction, extension and number of times of such extensions may be varied by KSPHC, if required.


Extension Rule: The bidding time for each work will get extended by 5 minutes, if a bid is placed in the last 5 minutes. Maximum three (3) extensions of 5 minutes each only will happen, subject to a bid being placed in the last 5 minutes.


Bidders can get explanation about the features / options like Work Name, Starting Bid, Minimum Decrement, Server Time, Start time, Closing time, Bid History, Auto Bid Upto, during the time of training by M/s Wipro.



















5. E-tendering /Reverse Auction Process Compliance Statement


(The statement hereunder must be filled and duly signed by the contractor and submitted to KSPHC along with signed hard copies of declaration regarding compliance to Terms & conditions)


The following terms and conditions are deemed as accepted by the bidder on participation in the bid event:


1.      The bidders are required to upload their individual item rates based on the rates arrived at by them for individual item, online during the date and time stipulated in the NIT.


2.      Reverse Auction amount to be placed online shall be for entire quantities of all items included in the work.


3.      The bidders cannot change the price once submitted.


4.      The bidders are deemed to have accepted the auction rules on participation at the bid event. The KSPHC will make every attempt to make the bid process transparent.


5.      Technical and other non-commercial queries (not impacting price) can be routed to the respective contact personnel of KSPHC indicated in the tender document. Bidding process related queries could be addressed to M/s Wipro personnel indicated in the tender document.


6.      The other terms and conditions are indicated in the tender documents supplied to you.


7.      The bidders need to submit the closed online bid / reverse auction process compliance sheet / declaration regarding acceptance of the tender terms and conditions.


8.      Inability to bid due to telephone line glitch, Internet response issues, software or hardware hangs will not be the responsibility of M/s Wipro or the KSPHC.  However, M/s Wipro shall make every effort to ensure availability of technology resources to enable continuous bidding. The bidders can call customer care at M/s Wipro and make a proxy bid if Internet connection is down. However this has to be confirmed and endorsed by the bidders using alternative communication such as fax or e-mail immediately. M/s Wipro do not guarantee continuous, uninterrupted or secure access to its services and operation of the web site may be interfered with by numerous factors outside of its control.


9.      M/s Wipro do not take responsibility beyond the bid event. Order finalisation and post order activities would be transacted directly between the Bidders and KRRDA.


10.  The bidders participation in a bid event is by invitation. Other Contractors, including those registered on M/s Wipro web site do not automatically qualify for participation in the events.


11.  In the event of a tied bid in the reverse auction event the bidder who entered the bidding arena first will be considered the lowest bidder.


12.  Bids once made cannot be withdrawn or modified under any circumstances.

13.  The KSPHC along with M/s Wipro can decide to extend, reschedule or cancel an auction.


14.  In the reverse auction, starting bid is the upper / ceiling price of the contract value fixed by KSPHC for the work. Contractors can bid only lower than the Starting bid. Subsequent bids from the bidders need to be lower by at least the minimum decrement.


15.  M/s Wipro nor any related company, nor any of its owners, employees or other representatives will be liable for damages arising out of or in connection with the use of this site. This is a comprehensive limitation of liability that applies to all damages of any kind, including (without limitation) compensatory, direct, indirect or consequential damages and claims of third parties.


Note: In case of any operational problems arising during the submission of closed online bids / reverse auction process under progress, the same may have to be reported to KSPHC & M/s Wipro immediately. The decision to reschedule, postpone or cancellation the entire process will be taken by KSPHC based on the merit of such reports. In case of temporary suspension, when the closed online bids / reverse auction will be restarted will be intimated to the bidders on M/s Wipro’s website. Also, in the event of successful conclusion of the reverse auction, the process will come to an end after a waiting period of 30 minutes for the bidders to register any protest. Therefore the bidders are advised not to logout from their PC’s till an announcement is made regarding the closure of whole process in a complete manner, in M/s.Wipro’s website, http://www.01markets.com/ksphc.



            In case of postponement or cancellation the same will be intimated to all the bidders over Wipro Pvt Ltd., Website.  The bidders are advised to visit http://www.01markets.com/ksphc for any NITs, circulars, corrigendum etc.,




I / We have read, understood and agree to abide by the e-tendering and reverse auction process compliance statement as stated above